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Prostate Milking and Ruined Orgasms

Welcome back to the prostate milking blog-a blog dedicated to milking the prostate, or the male G spot, if you will. I am phone sex Mistress Courtney (my contact info is below in my signature) and I just love prostate milking! If you are just joining the prostate milking blog, welcome!  I hope you are all doing well and milking those prostates for health and for pleasure!

Welcome back to the prostate milking blog!  I was talking to someone recently about prostate milking and he said that he was very interested in the ruined orgasm aspect of prostate milking.  Now this is a real head scratcher for some of you, I can imagine.  Why would anyone want are ruined orgasm?  Well, I’ll tell you why, it is such an anti – climactic feeling, one that leaves a person still horny as hell, and definitely wanting more, but being so drained that there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.  Now if you can imagine that a person who doesn’t have a well – developed penis muscle, since as I have discussed in recent prostate milking blog entries — a well – developed penis muscle will lead to very strong anal orgasms, when he is milked it just makes the cum ooze out of his balls, and he doesn’t have a good feeling to go with it.  Can you imagine how endlessly frustrating that would be!?  Your horny but you don’t have any cum to shoot!  It’s terrible!  But some men really like the humiliation and the frustration that come from having a ruined orgasm.  It can make a man feel very desperate and very submissive at the same time.  And some men are very addicted to this feeling.  Generally this feeling can be achieved by getting someone close to orgasm, very, very close, and then having him take his hand off of his cock right at the point of orgasm so that he doesn’t get to finish.

I am phone sex Mistress Courtney and I just love a good prostate milking phone sex session!  If you want to try prostate milking, I suggest the Aneros and a call to me, of course! ;)

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